Multifamily Availability


Rently multifamily availability APIs provide access to query calendar availability, schedule a visit, and find out a list of communities a user has access to.
The following are a few tips to use our APIs:
    • Before invocation of an API, you need to obtain an access token from Oauth token API
    • Many APIs need community_id, which you can get by Get Communities¬† API
    • Our APIs use jason format for both input and output parameters.
OAuth token API
This API generates access token required to invoke other APIs.
Schedule Visit API
It schedules available calendar slots at a community.
Verify Active Unit API
This API checks if the Community has any Self-Showing Enabled active Units
Get Calendar Availability API
This API queries available calendar dates & slots at a community.
Get Communities API
It gives a list of communities under the user.
Scheduled Tour Status
This API gives the current status of the tour based on the tour id passed in.
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